Quick Quips: Be Distinct

When I lived in Esther Hall (business women’s dorm) decades/scores! ago, I loved Friday nights. They were leftover nights–samplings of meals we’d had all week. I still love leftovers– be they food or words. I’m reviewing recently read books and posting quotes as reminders.

Feel free to eavesdrop. Feel free to leave a comment. I’d love to know how lessons/ quick quips strike you.

“I am not suggesting that the church isolate itself as St. Benedict proposed. I am saying that if we are not distinct from the world, we will have nothing to say to the world.”

The Church in Babylon p.24; Moody Publishers 2018; Erwin Lutzer


I’m not too keen on standing out in a crowd. I don’t like being different, but . . . if I am to represent You, I have no choice. Help me.



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