Unanswered Questions

“You don’t need to have all your questions answered to come to faith,” William Lane told Lee Strobel. “You just have to say, ‘The weight of the evidence seems to show this is true, so even though I don’t have answers to all my questions, I’m going to believe and hope for answers in the long run.'”

Lee Strobel, The Case For Faith p.83; Zondervan 2000

Just yesterday, I was walking a beautiful tree-lined nature path and talking to God. Weeks before, I’d heard Him give me direction for my future–a big step; one I’d been waiting for. But since that time, the clarity of His voice faded and my anticipation and reasons for taking the step seemed to had vanished.

I always think a layed-out plan comes with a guarantee. So, I began asking God about “whys” and “next steps.” His voice was as clear as the first time–but it was different. “You don’t need those answers yet. Take the first step first.”

And so . . . Get ready, get set . . .



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