Fiery Furnace

“This is a lesson for you and me to wrap our confidence around. When God allows us to experience a fiery furnace, He promises to experience it with us. Because He is good!”

Anne Graham Lotz, The Daniel Prayer p. 113; Zondervan 2016

I was praying for a friend a week ago. I could tell from her texts that she was really going through it! I wanted to ask, “Do you feel like you’re in the fiery furnace?”

Because, it seemed God was opening an unusual picture for me.

Looking into the fire, the king didn’t see just the 3 men he’d had thrown in, but another man. How did he get in there? Was it Jesus? I wondered, were the “4” men fellowshiping in the fire? And, if so, what were they talking about?

Could that mean that we, too, can fellowship with Jesus in the midst of our fires?

And, as I write this, I wonder at something else. The fourth man did not come out with Daniel’s friends? Did the king expect him to? Or, being an angel of the Lord, did the king fear that he would?

So many thoughts–much like a maze. May God highlight any part that would be meaningful and helpful to you.

May He Ever Be Honored and Trusted,


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