I Like To Drink, Smoke, Tell Jokes

“You Christians don’t look like you have any fun. I like to drink. I like to smoke. I like to tell jokes.”

“Don’t worry about that,” Mike said. “If you have things in your life God doesn’t like, he’ll let you know. What God wants is your heart.”

Greg and Lynn McDonald w/ Beth Jusino

Embracing The Journey: A Christians’ Blueprint For LovingYour LGBTQ Child

(p. 37/Nook)

Howard Books

Hmmmm. Do WE trust God with the aftercare? Or do we worry that people won’t recognize their sin and we HAVE to tell them? God may lead us to do so but He is more than capable.”

I do, however, see a difference between telling someone that they can’t and that I can’t. I came to a relationship with Jesus right smack in the middle of a dating relationship. “Want to go for a drink,” he asked. “Sure, if you don’t mind if I drink a cola.”

Though he was ok with that, it was an assumption of God’s will and an immature answer. Later, circumstances led me to a lifetime conviction of no alcohol. If God desires that conviction, or any other, for you, He will let you know.

I Still Love April Fool’s Jokes,


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