Christian Nation??

“For the first time in human history, a nation was established on a solid foundation consistent with principles found in the Bible. Every one of our founders, with all of their distinction and diversity, clearly understood that this nation was, in fact, established under God—-not a Christian nation, but as a nation whose founders clearly understood the basic principles to remain free.”

James Robison, The Stream p.248; Worthy Publishing 2016

I haven’t known what to do when people say that our founders weren’t even Christian, and so argue that we cannot claim to be a Christian nation. Our founders had character flaws for sure. We can call those flaws, as I’m required to call my own, sin. Yet their prayers reveal their utter dependence on the same God I pray to. Documents and prayers show their knowledge of and reliance on God’s Word.

Robison acknowledges that our founding fathers possessed doctrinal differences. But, I guess, more important to me than whether I can call them “born again” is this: These men went to the ONE dependable source of truth to build the foundation of, what I consider, an imperfect nation for sure, but incredible; one that was founded on the firm foundation of God’s perfect, life-giving, and unchanging Word.

To God be all the glory,


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