Not Poor

“I realized that I am not poor because other people are rich.”

James Robison

The Stream p.135 Worthy Books 2016

That’s so simple, but profound to me. God has brought our family out of welfare. There was a day around Workman’s Comp ending along with every other financial support, that I thought we’d be living on boxed Mac and Cheese and oatmeal.

We don’t eat steaks—ever! (Unless a birthday coupon gives us a seriously discounted one.) But we have delicious meals. Our townhome is nice; it’s functional. It’s warm and safe and not subsidized housing. Most days, I feel pretty rich until . . . I compare. Until . . . I worry about what other people will think. And I DO. Someday, God will get me over that mountain. Until then, I thank Him for His unfailing love and generosity.



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