Quick Quips: Faithful

“God was pleased with Jeremiah, not because he was successful but because he was faithful.”

(Erwin W. Lutzer; The Church in Babylon p. 40; Moody Publishers 2018)

God would certainly desire success. That would mean the people listened to Jeremiah’s message, responded with repentance, and spared themselves judgment. But Jeremiah’s task was only to deliver the message. He was faithful to do so.

We can do what God calls us to do or say; but we can’t control the outcome. Either way, our faithfulness pleases God.



Quick Quips: God Can . .Postscript

“Based on satellite images and the high rainfall totals, a flood should have taken place . . . the storm had been worse than the one that had brought about the flood years before.

But . . . God . . .

Crystal and Sol continue to hold Bible studies in the same home.


Quick Quips: God Can, but . . .

Sol and Crystal had moved to the area to birth a church, the very area now being threatened by floodwaters.

“It seemed wrong to just get in their car and leave. They knew God could save their home–but would he? They were familiar with Hebrews 11, the chapter of faith, and they knew the same faith that rescued some made martyrs of others.”

Murray Andrew Pura

Streams:Reflections on the Waters in Scriptures p.45; Zondervan 2010

Going or Staying

Both Require Faith . . . And Obedience.


Quick Quips: Do Not Be Silent

“One night the Lord spoke to Paul:

‘Do not be afraid;

Keep on speaking,

Do not be silent.” (Acts 18:9 NIV)

Have I talked to anyone about Jesus lately? His love? Or about the strength and hope He gives me? Have I told of how He has answered prayers.

I don’t need to prepare a presentation.

I just need to let Jesus be a natural part of my conversation.

Help me, God,


Unanswered Questions

“You don’t need to have all your questions answered to come to faith,” William Lane told Lee Strobel. “You just have to say, ‘The weight of the evidence seems to show this is true, so even though I don’t have answers to all my questions, I’m going to believe and hope for answers in the long run.'”

Lee Strobel, The Case For Faith p.83; Zondervan 2000

Just yesterday, I was walking a beautiful tree-lined nature path and talking to God. Weeks before, I’d heard Him give me direction for my future–a big step; one I’d been waiting for. But since that time, the clarity of His voice faded and my anticipation and reasons for taking the step seemed to had vanished.

I always think a layed-out plan comes with a guarantee. So, I began asking God about “whys” and “next steps.” His voice was as clear as the first time–but it was different. “You don’t need those answers yet. Take the first step first.”

And so . . . Get ready, get set . . .


I’m NOT Odd

This prayer is in response to a Bible study question. I post it, absolutely, as a reminder to Me. But if you find it and it fits you, yay! Be encouraged!


Thank You for making me as I am—–and using me that way.

I’m unique,

NOT odd.

The world needs me as I am—-as You’ve made me.

Thank You.

Your Daughter

When our daughter was young, and subject to ugly teasing, I’d send her out the door with this question:

What are you?

She’d respond with a verse from Psalm 139:

“I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”

Sometimes, I have to send myself out the door with the same question and answer.


Quick Quips: Be Distinct

When I lived in Esther Hall (business women’s dorm) decades/scores! ago, I loved Friday nights. They were leftover nights–samplings of meals we’d had all week. I still love leftovers– be they food or words. I’m reviewing recently read books and posting quotes as reminders.

Feel free to eavesdrop. Feel free to leave a comment. I’d love to know how lessons/ quick quips strike you.

“I am not suggesting that the church isolate itself as St. Benedict proposed. I am saying that if we are not distinct from the world, we will have nothing to say to the world.”

The Church in Babylon p.24; Moody Publishers 2018; Erwin Lutzer


I’m not too keen on standing out in a crowd. I don’t like being different, but . . . if I am to represent You, I have no choice. Help me.